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It has a long handle so its easy on your back. Minimises bending.

Weeder Prong

980 Grams of powerful leveraging for any age or gender. A great tool for the domestic garden setting. Also great for broadleaf weeds in lawns.

Sure beats bending garden fork tines. 

I initially invented the Weeder Prong as a tool for digging out broadleaf weeds out of lawns (which it does superbly). I like to make tools that are tough and will last. No tool is unbreakable BUT I would like to think that my Prongs are first class and meet and exceed customer needs and wants. 

Anyway, I was doing some gardening in May 2020 and needed to do a bit of digging. I grabbed the Weeder Prong as it was the closest to hand. I was amazed at how it performed in some really dreadful ground. I have since retested it in all manner of tough situations and found it to be a reliable tool for domestic garden settings. I then got a mate of mine to come over and do some filming with me. HE HAD NEVER USED ONE BEFORE. Have a look at this video and see what happens. Unedited. I did the intro and joined it to the with Chris. Have a look for yourself. They are great value. 


This product is currently out of stock. Further stock will arrive later in the year. Please call if you wish to pre-order. No money required to do this. 

phone 0417627097 


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This product is currently out of stock.

Weeder Prongs are not available in the USA at present. Please write to me (see form below) if you are interested and should I get some enquiry I will do my best to get some over there to the Prong warehouse. I am a small business and funds are used sparingly Thank you Peter 

Australian Buyers NOTE -
All prices include GST and Freight to your door by Courier or Australia Post/PO BOX depending on the model chosen
Further discounts are shown on the drop-down below for combo or multiple buys.
Any questions call anytime - no office hours here. 0417627097

If you have queries about the Prongs please feel free to write and one of our staff will be in touch with you via email or by phone if you wish to give us your phone details.


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