Our Purpose is to provide a range of garden tools that are strong, last a long while, do as they say they will do, be affordable, and help you enjoy your garden even more.



See what the ladies say

My research shows that ladies get very cross at not having the same physical strength as men. It is just a fact of life. Ladies like the freedom The Prongs give them. I have been amazed at the models they use. Long, Son, Lady Prongs are used to help ladies with their beloved gardens.

I had a large clump of ginger in a rockery which had been neglected for years. It had spread and the soil around it was very compacted. I was unable to move it with a fork or a spade. Thanks to the Prong the ginger was removed quickly and easily, the whole job took 15 minutes. Without the prong, I’d still have an unwanted ginger patch.


Liz (Toowoomba)


I have just spent 2 hours in my garden with my new second best friend, Lady Prong. I have separated clumps of plants without damaging them and have dug holes in my garden which is mostly clay and very dry as I live in a low rainfall area and there are severe restrictions on watering. At one stage I was working in an area between two sheds which was less than a metre wide and I still had room to work with the prong, not like it would have been if I were trying to use my old method of breaking the soil with a mattock. Every time I needed to put Lady Prong down, I rested her against a wall, a chair, a tree trunk or the shed wall and, like a true lady, she remained upright and did not topple over. I cannot believe I spent 2 hours with Lady Prong and my old back is not giving me any pain like it would have if I had been using a mattock and shovel. As an avid female 66 year old gardener, congratulations on inventing the most useful, versatile and easy to use garden tool I have ever used.

Edna (Bell Queensland)