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Weeder Prong - Purple - Price Includes Delivery

Weeder Prong - Purple - Price Includes Delivery

Weeder Prong


980 Grams of powerful leveraging for any age or gender. A great tool for the domestic garden setting. Also great for broadleaf weeds in lawns.

Sure beats bending garden fork tines. 


I initially invented the Weeder Prong as a tool for digging out broadleaf weeds out of lawns (which it does superbly). I like to make tools that are tough and will last. No tool is unbreakable BUT I would like to think that my Prongs are first class and meet and exceed customer needs and wants. 

Anyway, I was doing some gardening in May 2020 and needed to do a bit of digging. I grabbed the Weeder Prong as it was the closest to hand. I was amazed at how it performed in some really dreadful ground. I have since retested it in all manner of tough situations and found it to be a reliable tool for domestic garden settings. I then got a mate of mine to come over and do some filming with me. HE HAD NEVER USED ONE BEFORE. Have a look at this video and see what happens. Unedited. I did the intro and joined it to the with Chris. Have a look for yourself. They are great value. 


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    Your order and money will be held in PayPal. It will never enter our books until such times as the stock arrives in Austrlia. You can have a refund at any time. 

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