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The PRONGS - Best Quality Digging Tools

Single Tine Garden Tools - Root - Rock & Weed  Movers

Five Models - Make digging & weeding  easier

Long Prong - Son of Prong - Lady Prong - General Prong & Weeder Prong

Make Digging Easier  with Prongs

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Prongs are designed to dig hard soils and lever out roots, rocks and other hard to remove debris in soil.  Prongs do not replace any gardening tool. However they will give the shovel and garden fork a few days off. Prongs are ground engaging tools designed to save time and back breaking digging using the very simple process of optimising leverage. There are no moving parts.


Prongs are all steel (no wooden handles to break!!) and made using only the very best of materials. Prongs are an Australian idea. One day after breaking a shovel and fork handle the inventor figured there had to be a better way. He went to one of his mates, who owned a successful agricultural engineering business, who had been designing broad acre farming equipment for years. Their knowledge of ground engaging tools and soil cultivation was just what was needed to work through the complex issues of strength and angles of entry for the single tine.


Digging is probably one of the most arduous tasks that any gardener, landscaper, farmer or contractor has to undertake. Prongs make it a lot easier.


There are very few tools to dig out stubborn debris that has embedded itself in the ground for years. Prongs have been designed to fill the gap between the uses of shovels, gardening forks, crowbars and iron bars. They are great tools for digging. 

All too often the “face” of a shovel is too much hard work when it comes to hard soils. What is needed is a tool that can break up the soil. The alternatives are either an iron bar or crow bar and these are usually far too heavy to continually lift up and down without significant effort. Prongs are all fitted with a “heel” to allow extra force to be applied to make penetration that much easier.


Watch the Prongs in action!
These videos are no hollywood productions but they tell the story

Video - Dig out roots. 2min 13 sec.

Prongs can be used to get difficult roots out of a tight area. Shovels and forks with large surface engaging faces find this diffult without affecting other root systems of nearby plants. Again the user just "nibbles away" at the root area seeing where they can get a "point of purchase" to maximise the upward forces on the tine and lift embedded roots. This unit has been trialled by men and women. The Lady Prong is a little smaller with more ergonomics configured into the design to take into consideration that women are usually shorter in the leg than men. This is reflected in the length of the tool and a lower setting of the "heel". This allows for better balance and more downward forces by a smaller person. ​This video is in real time.

Video - Busting up hard soil. 2 min. 48sec.

This video is in real time as I do not not know how to edit it - so it's honest!

This is where any of the Prongs excel and really make life easy for anyone trying to dig a hard garden bed or where they suspect there is hidden debris like old bricks, cement or rocks. The one single tine easily penetrates hard soils or where root systems make it impossible for a fork or shovel to penetrate the soil and lift the soil out. The forks will either snap at the handle or the tines (usually one of the outer tines will deform. An iron bar is too heavy for many and, with a small fulcrum at the base leverage is not easy. The Prong is an ideal ADDITIONAL TOOL for any gardener or tradesperson who needs durable strong tools that last. The design of the Prongs achieve those objectives.


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