• Prongs are made for me in China by a large garden tool manufacturer called Kylin. They manufacture garden tools for many companies around the world. This has been the case for me for many years.

  • There are two issues affecting supply of Prongs.

  • One – The Chinese Government have introduced power sharing for most if not all factories. This means that power is literally turned off as the allowable amount of energy is reduced. Prongs like many garden tools use furnace time to make the tines and as they are made by hand require a great deal of welding. This again requires energy.

  • I have had orders placed for over 12 months. The delivery dates have been continually “bumped”. I have always had adequate stocks to meet local demand. However, stock has dwindled and I have now been advised that stock will not be available until May of 2022. This has had a devastating affect on my business. Stock of some models will be gone within days or weeks.

  • Furthermore, shipping has gone up by as much as 500% for containers. This has nothing to do with manufacture. It is just the sheer costs of getting goods around the world have soared. It seems that this might well be the case for some time. My small business is also affected by this.

  • With stocks now reaching very low levels. I will be forced to sell what remaining stock I have and re-look at the supply situation later this year (2022) 

  • I cannot place orders for any stock until such times as I can forecast the price of the freight. Indicative costings show that I would have to increase costs so dramatically that that I could not in all conscience expect customers to pay for such high on-costs. Until there is some certainty around pricing, I have decided to wait. 

  • I was only advised of the supply situation in mid December 2021. Since then, I have endeavoured to find ways and means around this issue. All to no avail. I am not alone. Many business houses are experiencing delays and higher than expected freight charges.  How they will handle these challenges is not for me to guess.

  • A list of stock levels for the remaining items I have in stock will be clearly shown on each Prong Model page. Once these are sold, I truly cannot forecast when this may change.

  • I have put about 12 years of my life into my invention. In that time, I have met all the challenges faced with bringing a product to market. However, the circumstances facing world trade are factors that I cannot control.

  • I guess it is time “to know when to hold em and when to fold em.”

  • I will make every effort to keep stock numbers current every few days.

  • Combo buys will not be available. Only single models will be available as this seems to me the only fair way to do this.

  • I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. Be assured, I did all I could to avoid this.

  • Peter Nicol